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Company history
  • Polyamide processing - granules
    Polyamide processing
  • PET bottles for Food products
  • PET bottles for Water and soft drinks
    Water and soft drinks
  • PET Bottles for milk products
    Dairy products
  • PET bottles for alcoholic drink
    Alcohol drink bottles
  • PET bottles for Chemicals
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Company history

 Company StejPak Ltd. is successor of SZR Bioplast, Mladenovac. Since it was founded in 1996, its core business lies in polymer processing. As a producing company, it went through complete phase of development and gained profuse experience and competencies in this area.
Since 2004 it begins with the collection of post-consumer waste, primarily PET bottles, preforms and PE films. This processes and activities are still active.

 Early in 2009, company StejPak installs the equipment for polymer treatment (PE, PP, etc.) in its facility in Bački Petrovac. By getting the needed resolutions from the Ministry of Environment (Control and monitoring department) company seals contracts with majority of waste producers/generators.

 Company Bioplast started processing polymers like the most of the companies in this area – by treatment PE and PP, but based on its human and technical competencies and resources, company Bioplast is focusing its production towards processing - injection and stretch blow molding of PET packaging, which is harder, far more complicated and expensive process.

 In recycling process, company Bioplast as a pioneer starts with PE and PP materials, but soon after the announcement that this area will be arranged and regulated, it starts with treatment of more complex materials like Polyamide, Polycarbonate and PET.
 This is why the company Bioplast belongs to that smaller group of companies, with a great number of satisfied customers.